Web Design & Redesign

The world wide web is growing in leaps and bounds. These days, merely having a website may never be enough to give your business the much needed presence online. With the help of the latest web development technologies, we can create a dynamic site that allows you to interact effectively with your online visitors.

We focus on targeted online marketing
designed to improve consumer perception, design visuals and web traffic. We believe in providing our clients with nothing but the best in terms of value for money and performance.

In every web design and development projects that we undertake, we perform the following five steps with our clients:

  • We meet with you in order to define your business goals, products and the target audience
  • We perform research to analyze your market and create a plan that will best engage your clients with your website
  • We design your website with the best usability and engagement practices in mind in order to maximize the response of your site
  • We adjust your message and direct response components to ensure maximized conversion
  • We equip you with the knowledge and tools that will turn your website into an effective business tool

By contacting JrWebWorks to design and develop your website, you are choosing experienced and dedicated design team, always customer focused and goal driven in mind. We love thinking outside the box when offering web design and development solutions for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimizationThere are tens of thousands of search engine optimization techniques out there these days. The numbers of people who claim to be “SEO experts” too are on the rise.

The truth is that anyone or any company promising to sell you a number one ranking in Google or any other search engine is actually selling you a dream! No one can guarantee you a top spot on the search engine front page. This is because no one quite knows how the search engine algorithms work when indexing websites. Every search engine has a set of guidelines and best practices that websites must follow in order to receive a good indexing and ranking.

We routinely check for latest guidelines on search algorithm changes released by the search engines in order to bring our techniques up to date. This way, we get to keep our clients’ websites in compliance with the best practices. Staying updated with the guidelines stipulated by the search engines can make or break your business. We offer both onsite and offsite search engine optimization techniques that are comprehensive, strategic and in compliance with the core guidelines and principles that search engines look for when indexing a website.

JrWebWorks’ core SEO principles include:

  • An ethical approach to search engine optimization that follows the best practices outlined by the search engines.
  • Web design and development that complies with search engine indexing
  • A professionally searched and targeted link building campaign

These are the three key principles that can effectively help you gain good ranking in the search engines naturally. Our comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO campaigns are designed to deliver a substantial ROI to your business with long term search results for many years to come.