MacOS Tips: More export options in Preview

Preview versions before OS X Lion had more export options than Sierra. By default you can export as JPEG, JPEG-2000, OpenExr, PDF, PNG, and TIFF. On many occasions I really miss option to export as GIF so after a bit of digging around I came across this little trick;...

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The importance of Contact page

We come across this problem very often; Clients don’t want to publish their contact information on their small business website – with exception of e-mail / contact form that is. Personally I never buy anything from websites without full address information and phone...

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Best Mp3Tag alternative for MacOS

When I first switched to Mac, a proper Mp3Tag alternative was the first thing I really missed. It took me quite a while to find app with similar functions and ease of use and I probably went through 5 different apps before I found Metadatics. For a while I was...

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