Our Services & Pricing

Our Approach

Usually website design company will give you a quote for designing your website and leave it to you from there on. JrWebWorks LLC is different. We are website design and management company and therefore take all-round care of your website. And what’s best – it all comes in a package, with no hidden fees, and thus no surprises with your invoices.

No matter if you have been in the business for decades or your company is a start-up with no corporate identity yet, our team will create a website that is not only attractive, but also functional, fresh, modern, created for desktop and mobile users. You can trust us with creating the all-round design and contents for your future website, or opt for providing us with your own layout. Naturally, we’ll always need your input. We’ll also host your website on our servers and make sure there are no down-times that would prevent your business from operating  24/7, year-round.

Quick Updates

Websites need to be updated frequently to bring back your visitors and of course reflect your current offer. As a full website management company we’ll do all necessary updates for you. You simply send us desired updates, or use our online upload tool and we’ll apply changes and updates within a business day.

Ongoing Support

Our aim at JrWebWorks LLC is to increase the traffic to your website and thus strengthen your market presence and increase your revenues. Therefore, it would never cross our minds to design a website without optimizing it for search engines. We believe it is essential to be constantly up-to-date with the latest developments, as only in this way we can upgrade our knowledge and expertise and provide you with excellent search engine optimization services (SEO).

Do you find managing your social networks time consuming, intriguing and sending out newsletters confusing because of all the rules? No worries, we’ll be happy to take care of your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other accounts, while your mailing lists are also safe with us. Simply let us know what you’d like to communicate to your audience and we’ll make sure it gets heard.

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